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So what exactly is Sitemapper script? Many phpnuke users know, what is googletap and how useful it can be. Googletap makes use of the Apache webserver mod_rewrite functionality and modifies all the standard url-s, like "modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=22" to search engine friendly "article22.html". Of course, googletap and its derivations are wonderful pieces of software, but they expect some knowledge about Apache webserver and even more, not all webmasters have privileges to use ".htaccess" file in website. So there comes my script - Sitemapper. Primary goal there is - easy to use! In case of PhpNuke, all what needs to "googlify" the website, is to copy the sitemap.php file to nuke site root directory and thats all!! Now try "http://yoursite/sitemap.php" and you see list, which will map out all the phpnuke resources and thats with use of the search engine friendly url-s, like "http://yoursite/sitemap.php/news-article-22.html". Finally just link that sitemapper script to your main page (include url "http://yoursite/sitemap.php" to nuke page footer) and next time, googlebot (or some other spider) comes in visit your site, it will crawl the site deeply as expected and then watch the traffic boost! By the way, this is just beginning - i want to implement more optimisations, like META tags automated generation for every page depending on content, url optimisation with keywords etc. And i will not stop with PhpNuke - there will be Sitemapper script for PhpBB, XMB Forum, Phorum and Vbulletin, and more supported soft on future! So stay tuned and check this website often!

See ya all!

Janek Vind "waraxe"

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